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The Internet is changing - and we are at the forefront of that change.
Nobody on the Planet does what we do - the way we do it! Established in 2000, we are a European market leader
in Web 3.0 Technology Development including Mobile Web Conversion, Mobile Ready SmartSites & Custom SmartApps

Mobile Web, Smartphone & Tab Conversion

Are you Mobile? - You´re Customers Are!
Can your customers see your website properly when they access it from their Smartphone or Tablet Device? If your
website is not formatted for Smartphone or Tablet, i.e. Mobile Friendly, your visitors will leave as fast as they got there!

Mobile SmartApps

Every Business should have its own Mobile Smart App!
We build Custom Mobile Apps for all types and sizes of business including Dentists, Property Agents Lawyers &
Motor Dealers to name a few, each pre-installed with information that their customers carry with them every day!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Internet is Changing!

The Internet is Changing - And We are at the Forefront of that Change!
It is currently estimated that there are over 1,300,000 Androids, not counting iPhones & Tablets being activated every single day, worldwide & that by the end of this year over 50% of all internet traffic will originate from these smart devices. If your website is not formatted, if it is not "Mobile Friendly" - your visitors will leave your site as quickly as they found it! And you are not alone, in a recent test by our engineers, an incredible 91% of all websites do not render for Mobile or Tablet including the sites of some very big names!...

We are iXoftInformatica®

We are iXoftInformatica® a division of the IntelligentInternetGroup. Based in Gibraltar; we are European Leaders in the Development of Web 3.0 Technology. Working with a broad range of Clients from Start-ups through to SME´s, Corporates & Major Brands across a variety of Business sectors, we deliver Mobile and Tab Website Conversion as well as develop Interactive, Dynamic Mobile Websites & Fully Responsive Custom Mobile Apps designed, implemented & managed to their exact business requirements...

Mobile Website Conversion

Can your Website be viewed correctly when it is accessed from a Smartphone or Tablet...? As we have already said, no matter what your business model or product relevance, today's online browsers are becoming ever more sophisticated and frankly if your Website is not "Mobile Friendly" you are running a very real risk of losing those web visitors in favour of a site that is! Not only this but Google are now starting to penalise Non Mobile Friendly Websites in favour of those that render correctly under their guidelines.

To find out how Google rates your Website Click Here to access the Google Developer Link; enter your URL and Click Analyze and your report will be delivered in a matter of seconds!

To accomodate the Mobile trend, we have developed some very clever software that once implemented will convert your Website to a fully "screen responsive" Smartsite; ensuring that it will render not just for Smartphone and Tablet BUT for the EXACT device used, without the need of a costly redesign! ...Go Mobile NOW! Click here for More/...

Mobile Smartsite Development

While our Mobile Conversion software is an ideal option for those with an established Website and Brand who simply need to become "Mobile Friendly" - We also cater for a 
new breed of businesses and brands, that really dont see old style desktop websites in any way beneficial to their intercative business model. For this new breed of Clients we develop dynamic, customised, fully interactive, pre-optimised, Smartsites with full social media integration, bespoke content and imaging designed specifically for Smartphone and Tablet but that also look great on Laptop and PC...Click Here for More

Mobile SmartApps

So many businesses can benefit from their own Custom Mobile App. We have developed a platform that we have used to build out literally hundreds of Custom Mobile Apps across a broad range of business sectors, including Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Dentists, Motor Manufacturers & Dealers and Take-away Food Outlets that our Clients´ Customers carry with them everyday; with a range of innovative on board tools including "Click to Call", and an increasingly important MCommerce option enabling immediate payments... 
Click Here for More/...